Friday, September 20, 2013

A poor girl's guide to basics, and not so basics.

Mix and Match essentials

Dress / Forever 21 brown woven belt / H&M short flare dress, $24 / Forever 21 america shirt / Old Navy top / Cardigan / Forever 21 long sleeve denim shirt / Old Navy jacket / Levi s / Forever 21 safari skirt / H M tight, $11 / H M tight, $9.57 / Product Detail | H&M US

To start this post off I will fully own up to my rather restricted single mom clothing budget. I've been known to scour TJMaxx racks for hours trying to find the hidden gem in the sea of ill fitting see through dresses.
Sometimes my bargain shopping turns out well, (Score Michael Kors sweater at goodwill for $3!) and sometimes I get the turds that trick me in the dressing room.
FYI online shopping at Forever 21 usually results in said turds.

I set out today to put together a foundation for a wardrobe that doesn't include the weird shirt that only goes with one pair of jeans or the dress that can only be worn one season.
Almost everything shown can be mixed and matched to create endless outfits and could be built on when time and money allow.
All of the items in the picture can be obtained for $254.12. That's not a ton and (let me explain later) I feel like most of these pieces are easy and will stand the test of time.

But, what about the leopard print mini skirt, how is that even remotely easy to mix and match? First, I consider leopard a neutral. Second here are a few ideas.

Pair it with black tights, the green tee shirt top and you have a fun lunch date outfit, throw the grey cardigan over that and you have a perfect fall day outfit.
Next tuck in the black tank top throw on the faux leather jacket and you are a badass, you are Michelle Pfeiffer sneering at all the non cool riders.
The Last outfit I'll plead the case of the leopard mini is the blank tank with the chambray shirt knotted at your waist. Another awesome fall outfit with a little sass given by the leopard.

The rest of the outfits are a fun mix of adding a plaid button down knotted over a dress or really anything, be the master of your own mix and realize it doesn't take a lot to make a very versatile wardrobe.



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