Thursday, September 19, 2013

What I wore- Mixing Patterns

This is actually a day late, but I wanted to talk about my mixing of patterns and my absolute favorite jeans ever!

To start, here is my outfit.
I'm wearing a plaid button down from Old Navy, this is from last year but a similar one can be found here. Plaid Button down.  
Under the flannel I'm actually wearing a a dolman sleeve navy polka dot shirt I got two years ago at Forever 21. I love the print on the shirt but it's a really awkward length so I can't really wear it on it's on. If I were buying again I would try it with something like this. Polka dot top. I feel like that length would be more versatile and could stand on it's own. 
Moving down to the best jeans ever, totally affordable and the fit like a glove. 
These jeans, goodness girl. They lift your butt and manage to keep even the jiggliest bits in place. I'm also in love with the fact they keep their shape, so many jeans are baggy by lunch but these bad boys stay nice and snug even after a few day's wear. (Shut up we all wear our jeans multiple times without washing!)
My shoes were a mega steal from Ross, I got them for $0.50 no shit. They were on mega clearance. I love the edge they give outfits, they're so dainty and BOOM metal spikes. They make me feel like a tough punk chick. 
I also have on an enamel octopus necklace from Etsy that was a Christmas gift 3 years ago. It's an old favorite for when I want to add interest to an outfit. 

I'm a huge fan of pattern mixing to add a little interest and depth to outfits, I get off on mixing things that shouldn't necessarily go together but in some crazy way do. 
Here's another example of pattern mixing going right. 



riteaidshoes said...

Are those legging jeans pretty true to size? I feel like I'm in between sizes and not sire if I should go up or down.

Allison said...

I would size down, they may be a little snug but the eventually form to your body.

T.J. said...

I wish those jeans came in my size! Great price!

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