Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why I can't resist Walgreens, or some of my favorite drugstore beauty buys.

Hi my name is Allison and I'm a Sephoraholic. I can't resist the bright aisles of bright colors, tubes, general sparkle. In fact I cringe a little when I see yearly total spent. As much as I die for Sephora there are a few things that I've never topped that can be found at any drugstore. They're not just cheap, they're AMAZING. Here is a list of some of my drugstore must buys!

 1. My favorite lipstick of all time. Rimmel London Lasting Finish lipstick by Kate Moss in 001
This is the best red I've ever used, it's universally flattering and always the color I recommend when people want that perfect red lip.
The formula is also perfect, it's creamy and can stay on through multiple drinks and enough shots to knock down a full grown man.

2. My paleness in addition to my two kids waking up with with the sun means I've got eye bags that carry their own luggage. More like eye steamer trunks.
 I'm incredibly lucky that I haven't needed to think about anti aging products yet. However, I've always dealing with eye bags and have tried everything under the sun spending a small fortune trying to cover them up. 
So when I saw Maybeline's instant age rewind undereye concealer brightener I figured for $7.99 I could give it a shot. I was seriously blown away by the coverage and how natural it looked.  I had previously been using and not really loving Benefit's Oh La Lift and spending a cringe worthy $22 on it. So trust when I say I was beyond excited when I found this and I use it almost everyday. 

3. & 4. I've got a serious case of the Irish kid ruddiness. Red face is not a compliment to red hair. Some days it was bad enough that no amount of foundation would cover it. I actually have two products I'm recommending for this. First Boots Expert Anti Redness serum, I apply this in the morning and at night. As long as I keep up the routine it really does keeps the reds at bay. 
The second product I love for redness is L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Color Correcting Anti-Redness primer. It's green tinted and neutralizes the red giving you a nice clean slate to apply makeup to. 
*A little goes a long way and don't be scared off my the tint, it goes away once your other makeup is applied. 

5. The last on my list today is a hair product, Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. 
This product rocks the hell out of my naturally wavy hair. It gives that sexy "I had a little too much fun last night" bedhead I love so much. It also has a drool worthy smell I love. 
I spray it on damp or dry hair give it a little scrunch and I'm done, I get texture and a nice hold for way less than Bumble and Bumble's Surf spray!


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