Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Hello, I'm Allison and a single mom in my late 20's.
I'm also slightly addicted to beauty products and trying everything under the sun in hopes of finding a new game changer.
I grew up with a single father so I spent hours pouring over various fashion magazines trying to learn how to work all those products I'd been eyeing at the drugstore or my Mecca, the makeup counters at Famous Barr. The various pots, tubes, and brushes sang a siren song that I crashed my ship into as soon as my father finally gave in to my pleading because all the other girls wore makeup.
I saved my allowance for 3 weeks the summer before 8th grade started. With $20 in hand I purchased a clear mascara, the green cover girl powder compact, a mauve blush with the world's tiniest brush, a lovely maroon/silver Jane lipstick, and a set of three silvery frosted eye shadows.
I was set, and that is how the addiction started.

These days I've cast aside the frosted look for what I like to call my Courtney Love meets Rupaul makeup routine. I'm forever and always a champion for lipstick and a good cat eye.

I hope I can help everyone out there feel a little more comfortable with makeup and maybe even catch a little of the passion I have.

Keep reading, it will get better I promise,

Xoxo, Allison


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